Zivan Vasquez

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  • White Wash? Pish Posh

    A few weeks ago, the super hero Shang Chi leapt from the pages of Marvel Comics to the silver screen, much to the excitement of fans worldwide. And while we all applauded Simu Liu for his charming performance, I couldn’t help but feel the role hadn’t quite been done justice. Perhaps Shang Chi should have been played by Jackie Chan? No, he’s far too old, and I kicked myself for picking someone so w...

    Pillbox | October 4, 2021
  • Ask Auntie Tartan (first draft don't publish)

    Q: Midterm season is kicking my butt! How do I get an edge?
    A: Fake a gnarly head injury. So bad you have to get a neck brace. I’d suggest pretending to slip on black ice, but since winter will soon be a thing of the past, you might have to settle for a trip down the stairs. Make sure your teacher sees you. Once you’ve got the brace on you, write all your notes down on the inside so you can check...

    Pillbox | October 4, 2021
  • Ask Auntie Tartan

    Q: “Hi A.T. I’m thinking about leaving my SO. How should I do it?"
    A: Two words. The. Fence. If there’s one thing that CMU students underestimate, it’s the power and potential of our favorite drippy fixture. Sure, RAs use it as an opportunity to spread school spirit during O Week. Yeah, 112 and Bhangra paint it when they need the publicity. But the real advantage is that you can loudly, publicly,...

    Pillbox | September 27, 2021
  • Neuter the scooter!

    From selfie sticks to silver foxes, the differences between Zoomers and Boomers seem to grow by the dozen each day. But one thing seems to bind all ages together (and no, it’s not saying “You too” when a waiter says “Enjoy your meal”). No, it’s a shared hatred of scooters that has Grandma Isadora and Cousin Kayleigh shaking their fists at the dining room table.

    Pillbox | September 27, 2021