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  • Supreme Court cannot shy away; atheists deserve religious equality

    Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for case 02-1624, Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, better known as the Pledge of Allegiance Case. The case was appealed by Elk Grove after the ninth district circuit court held that Michael Newdow?s claim of the phrase ?under God? as governmental establishment is correct.
    Newdow, a self-proclaimed atheist, is arguing pro se (represent...

    Forum | March 29, 2004
  • Board Dissent: Minority Scholarships

    The United States Supreme Court should be lauded for its decision; arbitrary divisions for the purpose of racial quotas do very little to benefit society. Immediately removing the reasons for distinctions in admissions scholarships, though, completely misses the spirit of the decision, which aimed only to limit race?s effect on admissions.
    The Office of Admission is one of the few departments at...

    Forum | March 29, 2004
  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor:

    Forum | March 29, 2004
  • CMU students should take responsibility for own security

    Saturday?s massive wave of anti-war protests saw an unprecedented presence from Campus Police. The protesters remained docile for the most part, and the extra security went untested, but it did not go unnoticed.
    Campus Police does a wonderful job day in and day out of responding to situations ranging from lockouts to major injuries on campus. Its response time is fast, officers are incredibly cou...

    Forum | March 22, 2004
  • Presidential candidates appeal to voters with their low tactics

    With the likelihood that the November general election will be another close one growing, it benefits the voting public that the candidates have already started their bitter rivalry. Traditional election logic has both major parties? contenders going to the extreme on their side of the political spectrum for the primaries, only to pull as far to the center as possible before the general election. ...

    Forum | March 22, 2004