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  • Students cheated out of hard earned money by payroll tax

    Most student workers feel a certain sense of satisfaction in receiving their first paycheck of the year. Imagine, however, that after putting in all that work, you receive nothing on your pay day. It?s not an administrative mix-up or a mistake. It?s because Pittsburgh has just raised its occupational tax by over 400 percent, and student workers have paid the brunt of it by having the tax deducted ...

    Forum | January 24, 2005
  • Visions of space come to life with images from ESA probe

    Our generation lives in a time of unparalleled discovery. Caked Martian soil clings to the wheels of year-old rovers, causing them to resemble off-road vehicles rather than multi-million dollar pieces of cutting edge engineering. Our most sensitive electronic eyes relentlessly search the sky for other signs of life, capturing the image of a planet more than 250 light-years away for the first time....

    Forum | January 24, 2005
  • Delta Tau Delta damages both house and reputation

    In life, there are gracious losers and sore losers. John Kerry was a gracious loser; Delta Tau Delta was not. Having had their fraternity charter revoked by the central office of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, the CMU chapter took out their anger on the Carnegie Mellon community in a truly shameful manner.
    After losing their charter on Sunday, October 31, DTD quickly altered their website. What ...

    Forum | November 8, 2004
  • A real education engages students: We deserve more

    Most students agree that it is well-planned, dynamic, and demanding courses that make for an enjoyable semester. Therefore, it should be the goal of any university to ensure that the students receive well-planned courses with high-caliber teaching. The policies and practices of Carnegie Mellon University are merely reactive and fail to acknowledge that students are integral to developing good cour...

    Forum | November 8, 2004
  • Short vacations strain students

    Everyone needs a break. We all have friends to visit and families waiting for us at home. And, more importantly, constant work increases studennts? stress and decreases our productivity. Most universities understand this and give their students ample time to relax. In recent years, though, CMU has taken the opposite path, shortening our breaks and decreasing our much needed time for rest and relax...

    Forum | November 1, 2004