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  • Pa. state legislators bend constitution for pay raise

    If there?s one thing more bothersome than living in a state whose lawmakers give themselves a hefty pay raise, it?s knowing that the underhanded politicians did it like real criminals ? in the middle of the night.

    Forum | September 19, 2005
  • Taser use reveals the shocking truth

    The next time a peaceful public demonstration gets out of hand in Pittsburgh, don?t be surprised if the police don?t know what to do.
    The Pittsburgh City Police has no policies guiding its officers? behavior during crowd or riot control. Such an oversight is surprising, considering the level of political activism this city has experienced in recent years and especially considering the infamous Hi...

    Forum | September 12, 2005
  • Category 6

    There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a great tragedy. The loss of life, land, and spirit should not be taken lightly. However, Katrina and her aftermath were not the only important, life-changing events to happen in the last two weeks.
    For the families of the thousand Iraqis who were trampled or drowned to death on a bridge as a result of a bomb scare, Katrina was not even on the radar....

    Forum | September 12, 2005
  • Leave academic freedom to the academics

    Conservative columnist David Horowitz, who has been trying to push legislation on the national and state levels to protect conservative students from what he calls ?liberal bias,? claimed a victory at the news of the Harrisburg?s decision.
    Liberals went on the offensive ? rightly so, but their approach has been ineffectual. Fortunately, the American Council on Education set out in the right dire...

    Forum | August 29, 2005
  • Housing takes great leaps in improving student living

    In the past, The Tartan has been very critical of housing and dining. Today, we?d like to turn around and commend Housing and Dining Services for their summer efforts. Over the past three months, Housing has made some major improvements to campus.
    CMU students have long complained about the lack of exercise facilities, the need for fresh coats of paint in their rooms, the degradation of housing a...

    Forum | August 29, 2005