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  • Blogger sees that Sony gets served

    On October 31, Windows spyware expert Mark Russinovich was testing out the latest version of his RootkitRevealer program when he noticed something odd: His software found 22 suspicious files, all of which were otherwise completely invisible to Windows.

    Forum | November 21, 2005
  • Pornographic Pirates aren't debatable

    Last Tuesday, November 15, Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) President Brian Fifarek sent an e-mail to the leaders of the Activities Board and AB Films demanding that all advertising for TBA be taken down and that showing pornography on campus be banned.

    Forum | November 21, 2005
  • Race not ready to be non-issue

    For many Americans, the French seem inexplicably different, embodying everything that is ?European.? Recently, however, more astute citizens have seen that we have something very grave in common with France: a national underclass that is unrecognized, underappreciated, and now reacting in a horrific but sadly familiar way.
    The Parisian riots have revealed the disenfranchisement and dissatisfactio...

    Forum | November 14, 2005
  • Local young women refuse to be objectified

    ?Who needs brains when you have these??
    That?s the slogan on one of two T-shirts Abercrombie & Fitch will no longer sell after the retailer conceded to a group of western Pennsylvania high school students. The students? ?girl-cott? sent the message: We won?t stand for this.
    National television media jumped on the story ? some of the girls were interviewed on CNN and the Today Show, and others ac...

    Forum | November 14, 2005
  • CMU had an awfully anticlimactic Halloween

    In the spirit of academics at Carnegie Mellon, The Tartan is beginning this board editorial with a quiz:

    1) Did CMU win the Homecoming football game?
    c)?We have a football team?

    2)?What was the final score?
    c)?For real, we have a football team?

    Forum | November 7, 2005