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  • Grandpa Sujay bakes (healthily)

    Do you like sweet food? Are you also trying to be healthy at the same time? Do you find that it’s hard for you to maintain both? Well, I have a whole slew of baking recipes that will help you keep a healthy diet while satiating your sweet tooth cravings. I saw this one I’m about to write below on the keto recipes forum on Reddit, so if you have never been on there before, I highly recommend checki...

    Pillbox | April 5, 2021
  • SBVPO Candidate: Joong Ho Choi

    Joong Ho (Joshua) Choi, a second-year student studying statistics and data science, is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO). The role of the SBVPO is to oversee and advise student organizations on campus. The SBVPO also serves as the chair on the Committee on Student Organizations (CoSO), which oversees the process that formally recognizes student organizations on camp...

    News | March 29, 2021
  • SBVPF Candidate: Sun A Cho

    Sun A Cho, a second-year studying electrical and computer engineering and engineering and public policy, is running for Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF). The role of the SBVPF is to manage the financial affairs on campus and oversee the Joint Funding Committee (JFC), which allocates funds to student organizations on campus.

    News | March 29, 2021
  • Penalty Shouts: NBA All-Star Game

    NBA Press Release - February 18th, 2024

    Sports | March 15, 2021
  • Grandpa Sujay's ramblings

    "100 articles for The Tartan: a tortured writer’s guide of trying to make a relatively menial accomplishment feel meaningful because life no longer has joy."

    No, that’s an edgy, terrible title. Let’s think. What does one write about for the 100th article? I could write an article about writing articles. But I’m not an authority on writing. I am not even an English major.

    Pillbox | March 15, 2021

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