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  • The curious case of exploited optimism

    My housemate bought “Battlefield 2042” thinking it would be a great game. He spent extra money to pre-order the game and get early access so he could play it a week before everyone else. A few days after the game came out, my housemate commented, “I can’t believe I just paid 100 bucks for a game that’s still in beta.”

    Pillbox | November 22, 2021
  • Tartan staff picks our favorite music of the year

    A few of The Tartan staff got together and picked their favorite albums they discovered this year.

    “Timely!!” - Anri

    Pillbox | November 22, 2021
  • A Going Away Note

    Am I awake or am I asleep? Shoot. That’s an ad, isn’t it? It’s another ad. Actually, it’s two. And they’re unskippable. 15 seconds each. Shoot. Where is my mind? My computer looks like it’s so close yet so far away. Perhaps that means something. Is my reality so desolate that my depth perception is determined by the distance between my face and a screen?

    Pillbox | November 22, 2021
  • American politics: can the Left win the culture war?

    The right-wing of America is winning “the culture war,” which is a vague and silly phrase describing the ever-growing division in American society over policy and ideology. Even with all the social upheaval of 2020 and the election last year, the 2021 off-year, off-cycle election was a significant win for Republican...

    Forum | November 15, 2021
  • Marvel movies and politics: why do they matter?

    Before beginning this article, one thing must be made clear: Marvel movies are dumb shlock. Martin Scorsese called them theme parks and I couldn’t agree with him more. They’re average to, at most, decent movies that are great to go to with your friends. In my opinion, what they do and say doesn’t really have much consequence because they are shlock.

    Forum | November 15, 2021

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