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Class of 2011


  • Placing the drum in the spotlight

    The drum is an instrument that is not often given center stage. Lacking the melody of a piano, the soulfulness of an acoustic guitar, and the sharp tones of a trumpet, the beats of a drum may be understated but are hardly inessential to music. Other instruments may provide melody and harmony, but it is the drum that provides rhythm to song.

    Pillbox | October 26, 2009
  • Albom asks readers to ‘have faith’

    Eulogizing someone you are close to is hard, but what’s even harder is being asked to talk about someone you don’t know at all. That is why when famous author and sportswriter Mitch Albom was requested by his 82-year-old rabbi, Albert Lewis, to write his eulogy, Albom was dumbfounded. Caught in a quandary, Albom decided to meet with Lewis, or as Albom fondly calls him, “the Reb,” to get to know hi...

    Pillbox | October 26, 2009
  • Bringing the world to a campus near you

    This past week, Carnegie Mellon witnessed a plethora of cultural holidays from all over the globe. Students were able to celebrate the start of a new, colder season in their own traditional ways.

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Last weekend, students gathered together to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, in the University Center.

    Pillbox | October 5, 2009
  • Gallery turns sour things sweet

    Junior electrical and computer engineering major Manasi Patil sucked delightedly on a lemon quarter. “This tastes just like lemonade!” she exclaimed. While it might sound strange that Patil felt she was drinking sweet lemonade straight from a sour lemon, she wasn’t imagining it in any way. She was, in fact, experiencing the effect of a marvelous creation called the miracle fruit tablet.

    Pillbox | September 14, 2009
  • Discover the ’Burgh’s wild side

    Regardless of whether this summer was just a long snooze or a fast-paced adventure, getting back to the regular college grind might not be easy. The thoughts of picking up textbooks once again and midterms hovering on the horizon can be quite painful, and with the week spent with classes and the latter half of the weekend used to finish homework, enjoying a free Saturday seems to be the only light...

    Pillbox | August 24, 2009

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