Steven Spurgeon Staffwriter

Class of 2009


  • Statistically speaking

    Recently, a number of high-profile search engine companies complied with the Chinese government’s demands and began filtering out so-called inappropriate results. To get an idea of how vast these search engines are, let’s look at their statistics for last year.

    Estimated searches per day in the U.S.:
    Yahoo — 42 million
    AOL — 93 million
    Google — 112 million

    News | February 20, 2006
  • Professor makes model for less expensive wine

    Turning water into wine? Not quite, but a CMU professor may soon be able to create $500 flavor in a $10 bottle of newly-fermented wine.

    News | February 6, 2006
  • Statistically Speaking

    As foreign car manufacturers continue to grow, are American companies starting to run on empty?

    Chrysler’s net income for 2002:$5 billion

    Chrysler’s net income for 2004: $3.3 billion
    General Motors’ net income for 2002:$1.75 billion
    General Motors’ net income for 2004: $3.6 billion
    Toyota’s net income for 2002:$4.1 billion
    Toyota’s net income for 2004:$11 billion

    News | December 5, 2005
  • CIT hosts a successful first annual Clippership cruise event

    Breakdancing first-years, deans ?getting down,? and a free iPod were all on the menu for the first-ever CIT Freshman Cruise, held November 11.

    News | November 21, 2005
  • Where are the shots?

    The avian ?bird? flu spreading through Asia and Europe has started to worry scientists and politicians, who are becoming increasingly concerned about the virus?s possible effects on human health. More immediate, however, is the nationwide struggle to meet the demand for standard flu inoculations, and as Health Services at CMU begins its annual flu vaccination program, it too is feeling the increas...

    News | November 7, 2005