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  • Statistically Speaking

    In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. Later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it would be held on the fourth Thursday of every November. Here are some stats about this year’s Turkey Day in the U.S.:

    Cost per pound of whole turkey: $1.07

    Number of turkeys raised: 265 million

    Value of the turkey industry: $3.6 billion

    News | November 20, 2006
  • Average price of college tuition in Pennsylvania ranked fifth highest nationally

    Pennsylvania has been ranked the fifth most expensive state in which to attend public college and the 10th most expensive state in which to attend private college, according to a November 6 issue of Time magazine.

    The College Board compiled the rankings, which are based on the average tuition rates of public and private colleges and universities statewide.

    News | November 13, 2006

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