Sarah Mogin

Class of 2009


  • Avoid conformity, make changes that suit your needs

    I love, love, love General Tso — his chicken, his tofu, and sometimes even his beef are enough to send me into a food coma, where my dreams form an excited blend of ecstasy, nausea, and regret.

    Forum | February 25, 2008
  • The Clock strikes 25

    In its biggest show of the 2007–2008 season, the Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre is performing Arthur Miller’s The American Clock, a vaudeville-style play set during the Great Depression. The show opened last Thursday and runs through March 2, and is also a celebration of the the company’s 25th anniversary.

    Pillbox | February 25, 2008
  • Works in progress

    For anyone who has tried to read plays, it is likely that at least some difficulties have arisen. It’s hard to imagine the italicized stage directions, to hear the dramatic lines of dialogue like “Stella!” or “Romeo, Romeo,” or to envision the costuming, set design, lighting, music, or anything else that makes theater what it is: an event to be seen.

    Pillbox | February 18, 2008
  • The Broadway bayou

    In the wake of Mardi Gras, students in the Conservatory Theatre Company at Point Park University performed the musical Thou Shalt Not last weekend, with the show’s final performance on Sunday, Feb. 10. Set in post-WWII New Orleans, Thou Shalt Not captures the flavor of the city — rum out of the bottle, southern accents, and sex, among other seasonings. Adapted from the novel Thérè...

    Pillbox | February 11, 2008
  • SciTech Briefs

    Atlantis takes off after long delay

    The space shuttle Atlantis rocketed into orbit on Thursday, bringing with it a $2 billion lab provided by the European Space Agency. The lab, called Columbus, was built over a period of 23 years.

    SciTech | February 11, 2008