Sarah Mogin

Class of 2009


  • Cymbeline: Shakespeare's greatest hits

    Stacking up cases of deceit, mistaken identity, and cross-dressing, Shakespeare’s little-known romance Cymbeline is almost a greatest hits album of the playwright’s usual tricks. But, unlike some greatest hits albums, this one wouldn’t sell — sacrificing content for twists and turns in the plot, Cymbeline is convoluted to the point of frustrating, as the omniscient audience must watch the char...

    Pillbox | April 14, 2008
  • Here comes the bloodshed

    Television shows like Bridezillas and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? do a good job of capturing the drama of one wedding with one bride at the helm, so you can imagine the kind of chaos inherent in a ceremony featuring five brides, 10 brides, or even more. The University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre’s aptly named Big Love takes things to the extreme, telling the story of 50 re...

    Pillbox | April 7, 2008
  • Health Talk: Hiccups

    Chugging cold water, swallowing straight honey, holding your breath — when it comes to hiccups, desperate times call for desperate measures. Though hiccups are generally thought of as comical, harmless afflictions, cases can vary dramatically in severity and duration.

    SciTech | April 7, 2008
  • Welcome to the neighborhood

    Last week, the School of Drama performed Tom Griffin’s The Boys Next Door, a play about four mentally disabled men living together in a group home. Later adapted into a film, The Boys Next Door is composed of vignettes concerning each of its characters, some poignant, some comical. The show was directed by drama directing major Jon Brence and served as his undergraduate senior thesis...

    Pillbox | March 31, 2008
  • Thank you for not asking us about smoking

    The most thorough evaluation of Carnegie Mellon student opinions about smoking in recent years was a 2007 survey administered by Student Senate. Participants were polled in several areas, in addition to answering the overall question: Should we ban smoking at Carnegie Mellon?

    Of the survey’s results, two pieces of data pique my interest.

    Forum | March 31, 2008