Sterling Berliant Junior Staffwriter

Class of 2010


  • Cohon’s transparency comforting

    Similar to the new President of the United States, the president of Carnegie Mellon is being commended for his transparent leadership in regard to his detailed e-mail to the community about the impact the economy has had on Carnegie Mellon, the current state of the endowment, and his plans to engineer a more prosperous future.

    News | February 2, 2009
  • NFL features late Randy Pausch

    Randy Pausch’s legacy lives on.

    As a result of his New York Times best-selling book, The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, which is based on his final lecture at Carnegie Mellon, Pausch has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and ABC News.

    Most recently, his story has been featured on ESPN.

    News | January 26, 2009
  • Amnesty and SIFE work together

    The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that over 1 billion people worldwide have little or no access to safe, clean water. UNICEF launched the Tap Project in New York City in 2007 when they discovered that $1 can provide clean drinking water for a child for 40 days.

    News | January 19, 2009
  • College presidents paid more than last year

    In the midst of an economic recession, some American salaries are stagnant or decreasing. According to an annual survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education, however, public university presidents’ salaries are on the rise, up 7.6 percent from last year.

    News | November 24, 2008
  • Obama wins over youth with his policies

    This past presidential election, America’s youth made their mark in electing a new face for our country in Barack Obama. Young people across the globe became increasingly intrigued in the election journey that traced all the way back to the Iowa caucus in January where Obama had a decisive win. The large following Obama has gained among the college-age population is rooted in his positive outlook ...

    News | November 17, 2008