Raghunandan Avula

Class of 2015


  • Mouse proteins may hold secret to longer human life

    People often complain about the inevitable wrinkles, body aches, and memory loss that accompany old age. Many scientists believe that DNA and proteins play important roles in the aging process. That’s no exception at Carnegie Mellon, where researchers are exploring the Sirtuin family of proteins, hoping to understand how this protein could impact aging. The research has provided significant insigh...

    SciTech | March 26, 2012
  • Professors aim to unleash full potential of DNA sequencing

    When scientists revealed the structure of a DNA molecule in 1953, many people took this discovery to mean that the “secret of life” had been found. However, almost 60 years later, diseases still go undiagnosed while patients suffer. Many scientists believe that having a complete understanding of DNA will help doctors diagnose their patients more swiftly and accurately. That belief is no exception ...

    SciTech | February 27, 2012

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