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  • How Things Work: Dreams

    Dreams can show people anything ranging from their ultimate desires to a nightmare they wish would never come true. But what nags many dreamers the most is the mystery of how dreams work.

    SciTech | April 21, 2008
  • SciTech Briefs

    Ancient rocks found at North Pole

    Jonathan Snow, an assistant professor of geosciences at the University of Houston, revealed unmixed rocks composed of osmium (a metal rarer than platinum) at the floor of the Arctic Ocean. Findings show that the rocks are probably 2 billion years old. The expedition, led by Snow, was carried out at the North Pole.

    SciTech | April 14, 2008
  • Health Talk: Tennis elbow

    At times, even the best of players may fall prey to an injury they never cared to check. Tennis elbow is one such injury which can affect anyone and, if overlooked, may lead to chronic pain refraining the injured from lifting or gripping objects.

    SciTech | March 24, 2008
  • CMU competes in RecycleMania

    Carnegie Mellon University is participating in the RecycleMania competition this year, which is bigger in 2008 than ever before. The 10-week competition began on Feb. 6.

    During RecycleMania, participating schools collect data on the amount of recyclables and trash collected each week and engage in friendly competition to encourage recycling and waste reduction.

    SciTech | February 25, 2008
  • SciTech Briefs

    Scientists ‘feel’ organs on screen

    Radiologists and doctors can now use computerized image analysis to determine the size and construct three-dimensional models of organs such as the liver.

    SciTech | February 18, 2008