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Class of 2011


  • Pittsburgh has plenty to offer during summer

    Although the fickle weather of the last couple of weeks might suggest otherwise, summer is, in fact, only a few weeks away. Most students will probably pack up all of their belongings and either put them in storage or bring them home, only to bring everything back a few months later. If you don’t have plans back in your hometown yet, consider staying in Pittsburgh for the summer.

    Pillbox | April 25, 2011
  • Webster Hall/Shirley Apartments


    Location: 101/103 N. Dithridge St.

    Style(s) of housing: Apartment — one-bedroom (two students) and two-bedroom (three students), prime single

    Size: 273 residents

    Building retention: Yes

    Kitchens: One in each apartment

    Lounges: None, but each apartment has a living area

    Special | February 14, 2011
  • New and diverse companies set to make an appearance at EOC

    This Thursday, the annual spring Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) will take place in the University Center. Unlike the more specialized career fairs in the fall, the EOC, hosted by the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) is a campus-wide event targeted at students across all colleges and disciplines. In fact, the CPDC has announced that for 2011, it will be conducting the EO...

    Special | February 7, 2011
  • Courtney Baker, excelling in all fields

    For the average Carnegie Mellon student, life can be quite the balancing act. Between academics and extracurricular activities, staying focused can be difficult. Adding a varsity sport to the mix can often tip the scales for many students.

    Sports | November 22, 2010
  • Excitement and surprise meet at Sweepstakes

    Friday was the start of the 91st annual Sweepstakes competition, one of Carnegie Mellon’s unique traditions. Sweepstakes — or Buggy, as it is more commonly known — brings together both Greek houses and independent organizations in a combination of engineering and athleticism. Teams build small racing vehicles, known as buggies, that are pushed and driven around a 0.9-mile course between Margaret M...

    Pillbox | April 19, 2010

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