Maricel Paz Contributing Editor

Class of 2012


  • Ask the Tartan: Carnival weekend

    **1. What would you make your Carnival theme? **
    Disney and Pixar Movies. —MP
    Zero-Gravity Chamber, like those vertical wind tunnels where you can skydive endlessly. —JWR
    My carnival theme would be Robot Attack 2045. —IJ
    Pornography. —JK
    ‘90s TV shows. —CW

    Pillbox | April 19, 2010
  • 17th Street Café provides a little taste of Italy

    Venture over to the historic South Side of Pittsburgh, and you will soon be astounded by the diversity of establishments that this neighborhood provides. The streets are lined with restaurants and shops for all different tastes. While you can get a tattoo on one block and have a drink with a date on the next, don’t forget that the South Side is also known to have some of the best food in the city....

    Pillbox | April 12, 2010
  • Ask The Tartan: Valentine's Day

    Curious about how The Tartan staff celebrates Valentine’s Day? Take a look inside the minds of some of the people who work at the paper with this romantic survey.

    1. Do you like Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

    Pillbox | February 8, 2010

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