Michael Kahn

Class of 2012


  • Mobots compete at Carnival

    Booth. Buggy. Carnegie Mellon has many unique Carnival events, and one of the less prominent — but no less unique — events is the annual Mobot races held by the School of Computer Science (SCS). Robotics Institute senior research technician Greg Armstrong emceed the event in true Scottish fashion, wearing a kilt with the Armstrong clan tartan and carrying a sword for effect.

    Pillbox | April 18, 2011
  • Kyl throws away dignity with absurd statement

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This quote is often attributed to Mark Twain, but it has taken on new meaning in the last few weeks.

    Forum | April 18, 2011
  • Statistically Speaking

    Carnegie Mellon students rely on public transportation for their travel needs; first-years especially need the buses because they are not allowed to have cars on campus. However, due to persistent funding shortages, the Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAT) made significant service cuts last week. Here are some details on the cuts:

    30: number of routes eliminated on March 27

    News | April 4, 2011
  • Students take hacksaw to beloved campus icon

    Students damaged the Fence with a hacksaw last Monday. At around 4 p.m., a group of students observed individuals cutting through a crosspiece and column of the Fence. Facilities Management Services staff covered the damaged portions with duct tape and plastic as a temporary measure, fully repairing it the next day.

    News | March 28, 2011
  • Quality online news comes with a pricetag

    For the international news media, the last couple months have been fantastic. Among unrest in the Middle East, revolution in North Africa, the continuing disaster coverage in Japan, and NATO military intervention in Libya, the stream of breaking news has been unending. Large, bold headlines have continuously dominated the CNN and New York Times homepages. As a result of these high-profile intern...

    Forum | March 21, 2011

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