Marium Chandna Science & Technology Editor

Class of 2009


  • Pakistani Ambassador speaks to University

    Last week, Husain Haqqani, Pakistani ambassador to the United States, expressed his optimism regarding the democratic future of Pakistan and the strengthening of U.S.-Pakistan relations as he addressed a packed convocation co-sponsored by Heinz College and the Center for International Politics and Innovation.

    News | February 23, 2009
  • Taliban fails to destroy girls' spirit to attain education

    Hearts sink in Swat, Pakistan as young girls see their future up in flames. Classroom walls that were once adorned with painted flowers and butterflies are now charred with the fires of illiteracy and fundamentalism. Libraries, playrooms, and school clinics have all taken the form of ruins since the large-scale violence inflicted by the Taliban on the region that was once fondly known as the “Swit...

    Forum | February 23, 2009
  • U.S. – Pakistani relationship ignores Pakistan’s needs

    “What kind of ally is Pakistan?” screams a San Francisco Chronicle editorial, as it brashly flaunts the futility of the U.S.’s “ally in the war on terror” to the new American administration, mocking over five decades of U.S.–Pakistan relations.

    Forum | February 9, 2009
  • How Things Work: LifeStraw

    The lethal wave of cholera that broke out in Zimbabwe last fall is rapidly spreading to other parts of southern Africa, devastating communities in its path. Indian waters are heavily contaminated with pollutants dumped in them by drug factories. Naturally occurring arsenic washes ashore on the coasts of Bangladesh.

    SciTech | January 26, 2009
  • Possibility of peace between Israel, Gaza shattered by violence

    With over 1300 dead, of which about 65 percent were civilians, and at least 5000 wounded in Gaza, Israel has reason to form the war crime defense team they did on Saturday — they will certainly need it. This defense team will tout justifications at human rights organizations, hesitantly complaining Arab states, and probably even the U.S. as it merely waves a disapproving finger at its spoiled chil...

    Forum | January 26, 2009