Michelle Bova

Class of 2007


  • Welcome to the New Hazlett Theater

    Opening night: the twittering excitement of musicians and actors, the frantic rushing of the stage crew, and the vital sound checks repeated ceaselessly. One flaw can destroy the players’ spirits, but deafening applause can signal the weight lifted from their backs. It was opening night at the Hazlett Theater this weekend, but while all the people in it were checking, rushing, and preparing, it wa...

    Pillbox | September 18, 2006
  • Matisse and his Sister come to Pittsburgh

    Serendipity adds to life a lasting, stubborn reason to believe in something magical; if something is serendipitous, it is a happy accident. Serendipity brought together Henri Matisse, the great 20th-century French painter and sculptor, and a young nursing student named Monique Bourgeois. It was also serendipity that led Barbara Freed, professor of French studies at Carnegie Mellon, to stumble upon...

    Pillbox | September 11, 2006
  • Catching the entrepreneurship bug

    In the bookstore, across from the likes of Dharma Bums and Elementary Differential Equations, new products will be popping onto the shelves. The first-years may have already stumbled upon them while their jubilant parents searched for “Carnegie Mellon Dad” T-shirts and “Tartan Pride” running shorts. Two new products now on shelves are Dorm Slippers and a new design of Carnegie Mellon backpacks...

    Pillbox | August 28, 2006
  • Young teams dominate this year's Mobot race

    Wheels, or sometimes feet, propel them; skirts of trash bags hang from their sides. They move of their own accord, making the hours of work that go into their production worthwhile — or tragically wasted. They are mobots (mo*bile ro*bots), and every year crowds come to watch new robotic vehicles cooked up by the students and affiliates of Carnegie Mellon.

    Pillbox | April 24, 2006
  • Performer, writer, power artist

    It may not occur to us that something exists someplace in between performance and the page. That one can be neither actor nor writer, but an amalgam of both of these labels. When we look at Keanu Reeves’ deadpan face we may forget that performance should imply the power and command of words and actions. When we read the introduction to Heart of Redness, we may forget that words and actions on th...

    Pillbox | April 17, 2006