Michelle Bova

Class of 2007


  • Picnic in the park

    Pittsburgh isn?t all concrete Wean-esque wasteland. Anyone in the area behind Hunt Library can see that peeking over the hill are signs of plant life. Not just a patch of grass helping to keep a city tree alive, either, but a great expansive area. It?s fairly certain that Flagstaff Hill is a familiar point for many students on Carnegie Mellon?s campus; however, they may not be aware that Schenley ...

    Pillbox | September 7, 2004
  • Kick up your heels for Cabaret

    ?Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome,? said the half-naked man, pallid but smiling as he started the opening song of Cabaret. That wicked-looking joker is your host, your self-proclaimed master of ceremonies; but the program refers to him simply as the Emcee, played by Matt Heap, a senior music major. The show opens onto the Kit Kat Klub, a more-than-just-burlesque nightclub in earl...

    Special | April 19, 2004
  • Scotch Ball returns

    The music is floating out of the ballroom and into the University Center, but it?s not the typical sound of a choir practicing behind closed doors. The doors are instead wide open, with streamers flanking each side, but one might be a bit confused by what is revealed inside. If one takes a peek one might see a few small children dancing with professional-looking steps in the middle of the floor. ...

    Pillbox | March 29, 2004
  • More than it first appears

    Perhaps it is clich? to say that it did not seem to surprise anyone when William Pope.L did not actually begin his speech at 6 pm but rather waited 20 minutes before a hesitant young man introduced this energetic artist. William Pope.L stood at the podium for mere moments before easing the audience with laughter. His dress, too, exuded a laid-back demeanor with baggy jeans and faded button-down sh...

    Pillbox | March 22, 2004