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  • CMU Better fights for improved graduate student conditions

    On March 14, the morning after spring break, students and staff at Carnegie Mellon were greeted by bright posters in red, green, and blue, with the headings asking “Do grad students deserve unlivable low wages?”, “Is some grad work worth 22K less than other grad work?”, and “Is our work worth 7.5% less than last year?” The posters had accompanying graphics of supporting statistics, and a QR code l...

    News | April 4, 2022
  • CMU updates Ph.D. stipends, health insurance; some students still voice concern

    For years, Carnegie Mellon University lacked uniform practices and minimum standards in many aspects of doctoral students’ experiences. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) at Carnegie Mellon identified in their 2015-2025 Strategic Plan that key areas in graduate student experience are health and wellbeing, financial security, sense of community, and family support. Two years ago, the GSA and Carne...

    News | March 21, 2022
  • Professors speak on 14-week semester

    This is an extended version of the article published in the print issue of November 22, 2021

    News | November 22, 2021
  • Wave of bomb threat phone calls hit CMU, other universities

    Late in the night on Thursday, Nov. 11, the Carnegie Mellon Police Department sent out a campus-wide email revealing that earlier that evening, they had received a bomb threat at Warner Hall, the Purnell Center for the Arts, and the Gates-Hillman Building. They explained that the locations were evacuated, and the Pittsburgh Police Department sent in canine units to thoroughly sweep each building. ...

    News | November 15, 2021
  • Interview series part 1: student learning experiences in digital vs. in-person classes

    *In April 2021, The Tartan began conducting interviews with fellow students to get a better idea of how the switch to online learning was affecting all of us. We followed up with all of the interviewees this semester so they could compare their experiences online and in person.

    News | November 1, 2021