Jessica Thurston Contributing Editor

Class of 2009


  • Embrace spontaneity in urban development

    To students and faculty who have been around Carnegie Mellon for a few years, the complexity of the layout of our dear Steel City is only just becoming apparent. By now, we’ve gotten lost on the North Side, gotten turned around in Penn Circle, and taken the bus too far across the Homestead Grays Bridge one too many times. We’re finally getting a sense of which river is which, and which neighborhoo...

    Forum | August 15, 2009
  • Twitter forces separation between real, digital worlds

    Maybe I’m just out of the loop.

    I prefer my $25 flip phone to an iPhone and favor grabbing a coffee with my friends to fake-talking with them online.

    My latest technological question mark? Twitter.

    Forum | April 27, 2009
  • Stewart mixes news, comedy in new vein of journalism

    Move over, network news anchors: A comedian is here to stay.

    Forum | March 23, 2009
  • Schools of Art, Architecture should work together

    Sometimes, I take things to their extremes.

    I don’t just stay up late; I pull two all-nighters in a row. I don’t cheer patiently at the finish line on race day for Buggy; I scream louder than anyone else standing along the side of the course on Frew Street. And I don’t just self-define a major; I take on a disparate secondary major and an involved minor as well.

    Forum | March 2, 2009
  • Juicy Campus goes sour – students rejoice in flavor

    While college gossip may never cease, its most pervasive medium as of late has come to an end. Last Thursday, Juicy Campus,, was officially closed down for good.

    News | February 9, 2009

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