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  • Little response seen with gun ban end

    Last week marked the sunset for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. The ban was a Clinton-era piece of legislation aimed at decreasing the number of deadly weapons on the nation?s streets. Like all issues involving constitutional rights, gun laws are a tricky business and this one was no exception.
    A minefield of constraints renders the passage of meaningful gun legislation nearly impossible. For exam...

    Forum | September 20, 2004
  • What's wrong with Kerry?

    The 2004 presidential election is the Democrats' big chance! A controversial Iraq war has polarized the country more than any event since Vietnam. Voters are put off by Bush's hard-headed Texas style and disappointed by the economy. With war and the economy the two main issues in the race, the Democrats need to convince voters that their candidate can handle the problems better. Given all the ammu...

    Forum | September 13, 2004
  • Welcome to a midway for all ages:

    Keeping with the Carnival theme ?To be a Kid Again,? the Midway came alive with colorful, whimsical booths this year. Every person who visited the Midway could walk around and see something that reminded him of his childhood.

    Special | April 19, 2004
  • Political strife abroad. re: assasinations

    How to deal with terrorists bent on destroying a way of life? That is the question of our age. Some build fences. Others elect pacifist socialists to lead them. Some churn out sharply worded pieces of paper. Others overthrow regimes and kill enemy leaders.
    On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council took the paper mill approach by attempting to condemn Israel?s recent assassination of Hama...

    Forum | March 29, 2004