Heather Tomko Contributing Editor

Class of 2010


  • Alumnus shares his advice on networking and looking for jobs

    With the Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) taking place this week, getting a full-time job or internship is one of the first things on many students’ minds.
    Although they might be nervous about finding a job that they really enjoy, they do have many successful alumni to look to for advice on their job search. These alumni can be a great resource and their stories can provide both encoura...

    Special | February 1, 2010
  • Brazilian student expelled for short skirt

    We’ve all heard the widely propagated stereotypes about women in Latin America — namely, the way they dress. I know the pictures that are popping to the front of your minds right now — nude beaches, or barely-there bikinis, women provocatively swinging their hips while they sashay down the street. While this article isn’t meant to either further or diminish those stereotypes, it actually describes...

    Forum | November 16, 2009
  • TV, movie remakes demonstrate lack of creativity

    I’ll admit it — I’m a television addict. If I’m in my room, there’s a good chance the television is on. This means that I’ve seen at least a few episodes of pretty much every popular TV show and almost every episode of my favorite ones. It also means that I’ve seen way too many commercials, many of which are advertising other shows that are airing or movies that are about to be released.

    Forum | November 9, 2009
  • Health Talk: Retinoblastoma

    Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that develops in the retina — the lining of the eye that senses light as it comes through the front of the eye. Though it is a rare form of cancer, it is the most common form of ocular cancer (cancer affecting the eye) in children, and according to the National Cancer Institute, about 300 children per year in the United States are diagnosed with this form. About ...

    SciTech | November 2, 2009
  • Videos do not change babies into Einsteins

    Is your child not a “Baby Mozart” or “Baby Shakespeare?” Don’t worry, Disney will refund you the full price of any of the “Baby Einstein” videos that didn’t turn your child into a genius — though there is no return policy for the number of hours wasted staring at the television screen.

    Forum | November 2, 2009