Heather Tomko Contributing Editor

Class of 2010


  • Convenient, nearby, on-campus living?

    We all come to college ready for a taste of independence. And we’re granted just that upon arrival and our first day at Carnegie Mellon, even if that independence comes with close living quarters with a roommate — or roommates — that we’ve never met before, and being subjected to the same selection of food day in and day out with the mandatory meal plan. So it’s no wonder that after a year of this...

    Special | February 14, 2011
  • West Wing/Resnik House


    Location: Adjacent to Gesling Stadium, next to the University Center

    Style(s) of housing: Suite — typically five students share a common living space and bathroom. Dorm — prime singles and prime doubles

    Size: 296 residents

    Building retention: Yes

    Kitchens: Four (West Wing floors 2 and 4, Resnik floors 2 and 3)

    Special | February 14, 2011
  • Margaret Morrison Apartments


    Location: On Margaret Morrison Street, behind the sororities

    Style(s) of housing: Apartments — two-floor, two-bedroom (four students)

    Size: 80 students

    Building retention: Yes

    Kitchens: In each apartment

    Lounges: One on first floor

    Special | February 14, 2011
  • End of LOST benefits show’s viewers, legacy

    Son of a bitch — the six-season television phenomena LOST is quickly coming to a close.

    Forum | April 26, 2010
  • Barbie battles stereotype as computer engineer

    We’ve all heard — and spread — the Carnegie Mellon stereotype: There aren’t that many women who go to school here, and those who do aren’t necessarily the most attractive, especially those in the technical fields. But that could be changing soon, because girls who aspire to be engineers or computer scientists have a new role model: Barbie.

    Forum | February 22, 2010