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  • Senior day sour for Tartans in defeat

    Sixteen carries by team-leading running back junior Patrick Blanks weren’t enough to overcome six sacks and two interceptions on sophomore quarterback Rob Kalkstein, as the Carnegie Mellon football team fell 38–24 on Saturday to the Case Western Reserve University Spartans. The annual contest between the Tartans and the Spartans, known as the Academic Bowl, took place under sunny skies at Gesling ...

    Sports | November 14, 2011
  • Did You Know?

    100 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 26, 1911

    Carnegie Tech professors, organizing a faculty golf tournament, also challenge competitors from a corresponding student tournament to a final showdown. “The students should realize on this chance to enter active competition with the Faculty and make things interesting for the Dispensers of Knowledge,” The Tartan comments.

    50 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 25, 1961

    Pillbox | October 31, 2011
  • Lazarus reflects on medical profession

    Blood cancer and transplant expert Dr. Hillard Lazarus (E ’70) is one of two recipients of the 2011 Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award.

    Lazarus’ interest in medicine grew out of his Carnegie Mellon undergraduate days in civil engineering, when a few researchers in his department began working on bioengineering problems.

    Special | October 24, 2011
  • Did You Know?

    100 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 19, 1911

    The Tartan’s editors weigh in on how to refer to their school, deciding that “Carnegie” is more distinctive than calling it “Tech,” which they say gets confused with other institutions. Now, for “Carnegie,” is that the university, the music hall, the library, the institute, the foundation, the financial company, or... what?

    50 YEARS AGO -- Oct. 18, 1961

    Pillbox | October 17, 2011
  • Popular vote should determine presidential elections

    The next 13 months are going to be a contentious time in politics. Not only do we have to elect a president, but it seems we also have to figure out how.

    Forum | October 10, 2011

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