Evan Sundwick

Class of 2007


  • $ Movie

    Thursday, September 22
    A Taste of Honey
    8 10 12

    Pillbox | September 19, 2005
  • Transporter 2

    Most blockbuster action films, astonishingly hedonistic and unrealistic as they are, inevitably become spoiled by a sense of self-imposed seriousness ? most likely according to the flawed logic ?If we don?t take ourselves seriously, no one else will!?

    Transporter 2 is not one of those films.

    Pillbox | September 12, 2005
  • $ Movie

    Wednesday, September 14
    The Adventures of Robin Hood
    8 10 12

    Pillbox | September 12, 2005
  • Mega Movie Review

    It?s fall semester, and you know what that means: cheap summer movies replayed in McConomy Auditorium! However, instead of spending my summer money on worthwhile, spend-savvy items, I decided to go all out and see as many summer movies as I could. These movies will probably be showing up in the University Center this semester, at the bargain price of one dollar each. So be sure to check out Pillbo...

    Pillbox | August 29, 2005
  • $ Movie

    City of Lost Children
    Wednesday, April 27
    @ 8, 10, 12
    This is one of those weird movies that college kids tend to love, like Donnie Darko, Memento, Equilibrium, and Twelve Monkeys. In City of Lost Children, a scientist kidnaps children to steal their dreams for his own, since he can?t dream himself. Ron Perlman (of Hellboy fame) starts hunting for the scientist after his little brother is kidn...

    Pillbox | April 25, 2005