Evan Sundwick

Class of 2007


  • Unforunate victims of box office failure

    It?s a damn shame that Serenity hasn?t broken even at the box office yet. While this summer was a relatively disappointing one in theatres, movies with originality still did relatively well. Last weekend, when Serenity opened, it was pitted against the Jodie Foster airline thriller Flightplan and only made $10 million ? a paltry sum for an epic sci-fi adventure from an acclaimed writer and directo...

    Pillbox | October 10, 2005
  • $ Movie

    Wednesday, October 5
    An American in Paris
    8 10 12

    Pillbox | October 3, 2005
  • Microsoft starting to take an Apple approach to design

    The world is dichotomous. You have good and evil, light and dark, rich and poor, vanilla and chocolate, French and American, Christian and Muslim, sausage and bacon, MIT and CMU. However, one of the most high-profile of these comparisons has been getting more and more interesting in recent years: Apple and Microsoft.

    Forum | October 3, 2005
  • Xbox 360 comes to campus

    It takes a special occurrence to fill Wean 7500 auditorium beyond seating capacity and into the range of a fire hazard.
    But when Microsoft came to campus on Tuesday night, it brought in crowds that could barely fit in the auditorium. Some came for the free pizza and soda; others came to flaunt their resumes in hopes of being hired by one of the most prominent tech companies in the world. Most, th...

    SciTech | September 26, 2005
  • $ movie

    Wednesday, September 28
    Life of Brian
    8 10 12

    Pillbox | September 26, 2005