Evan Sundwick

Class of 2007


  • dollar movie

    Wednesday, February 8

    Citizen Kane
    10, 12:30

    Pillbox | February 6, 2006
  • RIAA refuses to evolve and has become obsolete

    Mr. Sherman, have you ever heard the story of Frankenstein’s monster? It’s pretty famous. You see, this scientist creates a living being out of dead tissue. He creates it to further the scientific cause, but he also creates it to satisfy his own hubris. Wanting to be in control of something, he created a monster to call his own.

    Forum | December 5, 2005
  • Aeon Flux fails to stun audiences

    The worst part of a mediocre movie is that its mediocrity shines through in every cell of the film. It’s a feeling that never quite loses its grip on your mind, no matter how much you might enjoy a scene. You might be thinking, “Hey, this scene is kind of cool,” or “Hey, this bit of soundtrack is pretty catchy,” or any other bit of faint praise. Then every bit of hope you had will simply make you ...

    Pillbox | December 5, 2005
  • Inverted trees extend the prostitution of Christmas

    Welcome to the new world order. The Christmas season begins in October, Thanksgiving is but a warning flare, and Christmas trees are no longer the conical icons they once were. No, these days, the growing hegemony of holiday season consumerism has propelled an evolution of our time-honored symbol of Christmas.

    Forum | November 21, 2005
  • $ Movie

    Wednesday, November 9
    Some Like It Hot
    10 12:30

    Pillbox | November 7, 2005