Emma Flickinger

Class of 2019


  • Discovery of seven Earth-like planets sheds light on exoplanets

    If there’s one thing astronomy has proven over and over again throughout history, it’s that the Earth is less special than we think. The Earth is not the center of the universe — or even the solar system. It’s not unique in its size or material composition, and it’s not the only planet with weather, volcanoes, tectonic activity, or liquid water.

    SciTech | March 6, 2017
  • SpaceX’s reusable rockets make space travel much cheaper

    Launching things into space is expensive — really expensive. A rocket costs more than a commercial jet. But unlike jets that make thousands of trips before being retired, rockets are used only once because of the extreme stress and temperatures involved in leaving and re-entering the atmosphere.

    SciTech | February 27, 2017
  • Uber hires NASA engineer to help develop flying vehicles

    Uber has hired veteran NASA engineer Mark Moore as its Director of Engineering for Aviation to help realize its long-term program for developing flying car technology.

    SciTech | February 13, 2017
  • First ever human-pig embryo created, destroyed

    Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have created human-pig hybrid embryos by inserting human stem cells into existing pig embryos. The human cells not only survived the implantation, but grew and began to develop into tissues in vivo — an important step toward growing human organs inside animals to provide much-needed transplants.

    SciTech | February 6, 2017
  • SciTech Briefs

    New species of extinct giant otter found in China

    Scientists have described a prehistoric otter species that was “two to three times larger than any modern otter,” according to paleontologist Denise Su.

    SciTech | January 30, 2017

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