Caroline Kessler

Class of 2012


  • Teenie Harris provides interactive experience

    When you push open the glass doors of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Teenie Harris, Photogapher: An American Story, you’re greeted by a floor-to-ceiling portrait of Harris and lilting jazz music from the 1930s. The multi-faceted exhibit is expansive enough to encompass Harris’ rich life work.

    Pillbox | December 5, 2011
  • Wood-Fired Words inspires

    Despite the death of Pittsburgh’s beloved Gist Street reading series (in December 2010), a literary event called Wood-Fired Words continues to carry the Gist Street spirit, if less frequently. The third annual Wood-Fired Words took place this past Saturday in Braddock at UnSmoke Art Space.

    As people filed into UnSmoke, white clouds billowed up from U.S. Steel’s Edgar Thomson plant, the only wo...

    Pillbox | October 3, 2011
  • Tales from Abroad: India

    Dear Francesca,

    You have been saying that you honestly don’t know what to picture when you think of India. In your last letter, you mentioned Slumdog Millionaire and Eat, Pray, Love as what this place might look like. I had similar images in my head, but now that I am here, in this tiny part of the South, I can try to help you picture India with words.

    Pillbox | February 14, 2011
  • Leadership Perspectives

    The Oakland Review publishes the best undergraduate writing on our campus. Or so we claim.

    Forum | November 1, 2010
  • Paper Clips illustrates Holocaust statistics

    When one eighth-grade student in Whitwell, Tenn. raised her hand to say, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, I can’t get my brain around 6 million, it’s too huge,” she had no idea that she was starting something powerful. This student was part of an after-school study group learning about the Holocaust in Whitwell, a homogeneous town of about 1,600 people, nearly all of them white Christians. When the ...

    News | November 1, 2010

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