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Class of 2016


  • Student Body Presidential candidates face off in debate

    During last week’s Student Government debates, candidates for Student Body President (SBP) and Student Body Vice President (SBVP) hewed close to their posted platforms while fielding questions on some of Carnegie Mellon’s most talked-about issues.

    Elections | March 28, 2016
  • Campus News in Brief

    National Academy of Sciences honors Anderson for learning technology

    News | January 25, 2016
  • Advocates push for better biking on campus

    As bicycling becomes more popular around the country and in Pittsburgh specifically — according to non-profit and bicyclist advocacy group Bike Pittsburgh, the rate of Pittsburghers commuting by bike increased by 408 percent in 2014 — both the local government and the university have taken steps to change how bikers make their way around the city.

    News | December 7, 2015
  • JoJo shines at Light Up Night downtown

    I don’t like the holiday season. I dread the six-hour drive home for Thanksgiving, I can’t stand snow, and I change the station when a Christmas song comes on the radio. Still, I go to Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night every year.

    Pillbox | November 23, 2015
  • CMU responds to alleged Tor hacks

    The week before last, the Tor Group, the non-profit organization behind Tor, a network of servers that provides internet anonymity, accused Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of selling research to the government that allowed the FBI to unmask — and in some cases, indict — Tor users.

    News | November 23, 2015

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