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  • A Person's Opinion

    The Tartan is excited to have prospective students on campus this week. So we asked, "What are your first impressions of Carnegie Mellon?"...

    Forum | November 11, 2013
  • Healthcare site needed delayed launch

    Since its launch on Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act website,, has been plagued with privacy and functionality issues. Users have found it frustrating or impossible to log in. Ben Simo, former president of the Association for Software Testing, found that the website sometimes sends sensitive information without encryption, and its email verification system ...

    Forum | October 28, 2013
  • American Horror Story: Coven shows promise

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of American Horror Story: Coven, as well as spoilers for the first two seasons.

    The third season of American Horror Story premiered Wednesday amid a whirlwind of high expectations. Its second season was nominated for 17 Emmys, and for the most part, the first episode — titled “Bitchcraft” — lived up to expectations.

    Pillbox | October 14, 2013
  • Teacher master's degrees

    A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlights the debate over whether wage increases for primary and secondary school teachers should be based on the length of their teaching career and their personal level of education or on students’ academic performances.

    Forum | October 7, 2013
  • Rowling won't fail to keep the magic alive

    Warner Bros. Entertainment announced Thursday in a press release that the company will be partnering with J.K. Rowling for a variety of new projects based on the author's published works. Notable projects include the expansion of various locations of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a new film s...

    Forum | September 16, 2013

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