Alexandra Yu Pillbox Editor

Class of 2021


  • This Week in Music: "ME!" and "Drugs & the Internet"

    For the past two months, Taylor Swift has been updating her Instagram feed, swapping out the dark, snaky aesthetic of her sixth album Reputation for pastels, hearts, and flowers, hinting at a new era to come on April 26. In early April, Lauv began his own pastel transformation, his bright teal hair standing out even more with each of his photos posted against a bubblegum backdrop, announcing his...

    Pillbox | April 29, 2019
  • A Place We Knew

    For some reason, my music taste oscillates between upbeat, feel good songs, and slower, melancholy ballads. There is no in-between. Typically, for who knows what reasons, I seem to lean toward the latter. Dean Lewis’ A Place We Knew evokes more of that feeling as well, following a narrative of love found and love lost.

    Pillbox | April 22, 2019
  • Jimmy O. Yang

    Bringing in Jimmy O. Yang, as well as opener Julia Shiplett, Activities Board put on a fantastic Carnival Comedy Show this year. I, unfortunately, did not make it to last year’s show, but this year’s event was a definite success, packing all the seats in McConomy on Thursday and ending with a standing ovation for Yang.

    Pillbox | April 15, 2019
  • Kevin Kwan at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

    This past weekend, the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival took over the Cultural District. Hosted by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Carnegie Mellon’s very own Humanities Center, the three-day celebration of the humanities, according to their website, “brings together internationally-renowned academics, artists, and intellectual innovators… to talk about stuff that matters.”

    Pillbox | March 25, 2019
  • Inner Monologue Part 1 - EP review

    Since her debut single “Issues” released two years ago, songwriter-turned-singer Julia Michaels has attracted listeners like myself with her unique voice and honest lyrics. Although I didn’t follow most of her early work, her name has stayed on my radar. After listening to some of her recent collaborations with some of my favorite artists, like Lauv’s “There’s No Way” and James Bay’s brand new “Pe...

    Pillbox | February 25, 2019