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  • Women and STEM: Birth and inequality in Pittsburgh

    Childbirth is incredibly complicated biological mechanism. Most of us take for granted how safe it is nowadays compared to the days of yesteryear, when mothers had no access to antibiotics and children were somehow always dying between the ages of zero and five. Modern medicine ...

    SciTech | April 3, 2023
  • Period apps: tracking you or your period?

    You might think that monthly periods are a normal, expected part of period-havers’ lives. You would probably be wrong; I hear every so often about that first day of period or premenstrual symptoms catching folks by surprise. It’s like, 20 or so days pass and all of a sudden you completely forgot what it felt like to be moody, crampy, and bleeding. Luckily, there’s an extremely convenient solution ...

    SciTech | March 27, 2023
  • Why don’t more people know about menopause treatment?

    Few phenomena are a better testament to the complexity of the female reproductive system than the complete firework show finale it gives when it stops working. Unlike most other organs, the ovaries and female hormonal systems “die” long before the rest of the body does because they are not technically essential to the rest of the body’s function. When a person who was once fertile has completely l...

    SciTech | March 20, 2023
  • Of Mice and Men: Could new findings about oxytocin change the way scientists understand love?

    For the past year, I have been involved with a laboratory that exclusively uses mice to study the brain. This is extremely common in the world of neuroscience — mice and other rodents boast a neural structure that is similar enough to ours and a physiological system that is different enough that we can justify tinkering pretty heavily with their neural function in a laboratory setting. A few month...

    SciTech | February 27, 2023
  • Missed Connections review (opinion)

    In showing us everything that’s wrong with the human race, “Missed Connections” also showed us everything that’s right. Written, directed, and performed by members of Scotch’n’Soda, the play showcased a beautifully well-chosen selection of Craigslist missed connections. Ranging from genuinely weird solicitations for companionship to truly gut-wrenching stories about loss, the show covered the enti...

    Pillbox | February 20, 2023

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