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  • Women and STEM: A guide to abortion pills

    The abortion pill has been all over the news recently, so I thought I would write a little explainer to clear up any questions or misconceptions that might have come up for interested parties in the past few weeks.

    SciTech | April 24, 2023
  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Breakup from a Semi-Swiftie

    I found out that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up the way I find out all news that’s worth knowing: by someone next to me picking up their phone and immediately gasping. Entertainment Tonight managed to get their hands on some insider information before anyone else could, but didn’t have ...

    Forum | April 17, 2023
  • Women and STEM: What are we putting on our faces?

    What is makeup made up of? Besides checking for the little animal-cruelty-free bunny rabbit on the packaging, most remain uninformed about the chemicals they put on their faces. It’s not that nobody cares — makeup users don’t want to get sick because of the products they use. But the makeup industry purposefully obfuscates the dangers involved with routine use of synthetic chemicals found in cosme...

    SciTech | April 17, 2023
  • Anna’s work-in-progress guide to hormonal birth control

    Full disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not claim to be one. This article is meant only to be a helpful summary of findings based on literature I take to be trustworthy. As you’ll soon learn, birth control is highly personal. Nobody will have the same response to any one type of medicine, and under no circumstances should any form of birth control be taken as 100 percent protection...

    SciTech | April 10, 2023
  • In the face of a potential shooting, we did nothing

    Though we all know now that nobody was hurt at Central Catholic High School on March 29, I want to write this article as if someone were. It’s not that I would wish that on anyone, but that I want to enforce the idea that anything could have happened. For those who do not know, Central Catholic High School is a private, all-male, Catholic high school with little to no building security. There is n...

    Forum | April 3, 2023

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