Let's go, Pens.

So far, the Pittsburgh Penguins have gone up against three teams this week. Let’s check in on them, shall we?

On Tuesday, March 28, Pittsburgh traveled to Michigan to face off against the Detroit Red Wings. Despite putting up a good fight (and playing suspiciously close to the one year anniversary of absolutely demolishing Detroit 11-2), our beloved flightless birds were simply overwhelmed by the Wings, and they fell 7-4.

On Thursday, March 30, the Pens returned to PPG Paints Arena to go up against the Nashville Predators. In a truly shocking turn of events which thawed the layer of ice beginning to encase my heart, Tristan Jarry got his second shutout of the season, and the Penguins pulled out a much needed Peng-win, 2-0.

On Saturday, April 1, the Penguins went up against the high and mighty Bruins at home. In a quite ridiculous game which often saw Pittsburgh fans yelling “Shoot the puck” at the screen, the Pens were down, then tied, then down, then tied, and then down, then tied, then down once more. Before their soon to be ex-fans were able to shout loud enough to be heard on the ice, time ran out and the Penguins were once again defeated by the Bruins, 4-3.

With only six games left in the season, the Penguins have once again fallen out of the wildcard slot. Florida is currently one point ahead. While it’s absolutely doable for the Penguins to get back in the game, there is a very real possibility that Sidney Crosby could miss the playoffs this year for the first time since his rookie season. In my opinion, the Pens really only need to try one new trick to have a shot: Have they considered actually playing well?