Tartan Trivia #6

  1. Which World Cup Semi had the most scored goals?
  2. Who was the last player to bat .400 in a half-season stretch?
  3. Name all players in the MLB’s 500-win pitchers' club.
  4. Who currently holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in a season?
  5. Which player from the movie Major League had bona-fide pitching experience?
  6. What player has the most triple doubles in college basketball history?
  7. Which tennis player has the most grand slams?
  8. What was “the curse the Bambino”?
  9. Which NFL team has the longest streak of winning seasons?
  10. Which NBA player has the most MVPs?

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Last Week's Answers
1. Marie Curie
2. 1989
3. Mona Lisa
4. Gold
5. Taurus
6. CJ Walker
7. Eight
8. Janie Starks
9. Franz Ferdinand
10. Mercury