Buggy Raceday Rolls

Buggy this year was a continuation of one of Carnegie Mellon’s oldest and most unique traditions. Following SDC’s disqualification from buggy, they were only allowed to run an exhibition, which they completed in 2:16. Other exhibitions were also run, including a robotic buggy, Robobuggy, and buggies from various faculty organizations.

The first heat of the preliminary rounds was SigNu buggies, which kicked off twelve women’s heats including 21 different buggies. Out of the competitors, three were disqualified: SigEp B for a lane violation, Fringe D for a roster violation, and CIA A for failing the buggy drop test. CIA A was determined to have hit debris, and was granted a reroll for the next day.

Out of the 18 qualifying buggies, 10 were selected to continue onto the second round.

For the men's heats, 22 teams competed across 11 heats, with three teams disqualified; Spirit C, after having a controlled stop, was granted a reroll.

Following the preliminaries, the top 10 men's and women's buggies would compete in the finals the next day.

In the women's finals, SPIRIT retained their title with the buggy Seraph, finishing with a time of 2:35. CIA’s buggy Equinox made second place, with Fringe’s buggy Baltic rounding out the top three.

In the men's finals, PiKA’s buggy Banshee brought the organization their first title since 2008, marking a 2:07 time, with SPIRIT’s Seraph coming in second, and Apex’s Firefly reroll coming in third.

Finally, for the All Gender Finals, a first for CMU Buggy, Apex took home first place with a 2:45 time. PiKA’s Raptor won second, and CIA’s Equinox took home the third place finish.

In terms of awards, CIA’s Roadrunner won best design, with Robobuggy’s Short Circuit for best robotic design. Fringe’s Brimstone won the People’s Choice award, and the organization won the Tom Wood Spirit of Buggy award. Robobuggy and Radio Club took home the Chairman’s Choice award, with Robobuggy also winning the best T-shirt award. Delta Gamma won most improved, and SigEp’s Mia Krishnamurthi won Chair of the Year.

Rounding out the awards, Seth Setse from SPIRIT won King of the Hill, Leo Hasher from CIA won Queen of the Hill, and Thomas Cornelius from PiKA won Monarch of the Hill.