CMU Organizations host annual ScottyCon

The 2023 ScottyCon featured a plethora of different exhibits, all of which were hosted by student artists to show off their skills and products for the anime and gaming communities to enjoy and purchase. It’s one of the largest events held on campus, and this year was another in a long line of successful conventions with a mix of fresh new faces and old hands.

While the bulk of the tables of ScottyCon filled the Rangos Ballroom, other installations and panels were held in a variety of other locations, including McConomy Auditorium and Danforth Conference Room. The Kirr and Wean Commons were host to board games, arts and crafts, and other fun activities for people to participate in, and were packed during the event. Meanwhile, the CMU Role Playing Game (RPG) Association set up one-shots and other fun adventures for students to participate in.

The Dowd Room was definitely one of the more lively rooms to spend time in, with nine different panels starting at noon and ending before open mic karaoke. From anime recommendations to a quick introduction to Dungeons and Dragons, the convention really did have everything for every fandom.

One of the main events of ScottyCon was the Artist Alley in Rangos. With 26 different tables set up for different artists, there was a wealth of different art and merch to buy. The tables were an opportunity to view a showcase of Carnegie Mellon’s talent and depth of artistic creations, with everything from prints to stickers to hats being offered by various vendors. The main stage in Rangos also hosted various events, including a number of quick anime trivia games on Kahoot, as well as a cosplay competition open for anyone to participate in. Directly outside the ballroom, a few vendors had set up places to sell Pokémon cards and video games for different consoles. Across from that, companies had set up rhythm game booths for people to play, all provided by Ikigai Arcade. Of course, even touching the consoles was a commitment, as people flocked to the location and long lines filled the room.

ScottyCon wouldn’t be complete without the people though, and this year’s ScottyCon did not disappoint. It received the most applicants in history, and Rangos felt alive with the number of people who’d shown up to view all the different tables. Across the UC, people in cosplay were everywhere, with fandoms from Chainsaw Man to Doki Doki Literature Club to Genshin Impact represented. The whole place was packed with people passionate about their franchises and stories, and it gave ScottyCon another year of its iconic energy and fun.