2/6/22 - Editors' Letter

Boy, it sure has been cold, huh? In honor of the frigid wasteland we call Pittsburgh, our theme this week is "clear reflection." You can learn a lot from how people react to the cold. Do they bundle up in fifteen layers, ready to brave the cold unknown? Do they stroll outside in shorts and a t-shirt because, of course, it "isn't even that cold"? Or do they stay inside, sipping on anything from hot cocoa to a cold Monsterâ„¢?

This week, we continue showcasing our suite of high-falutin, world-class authors to deliver to you the finest content this side of the Mississippi. And don't forget our comics and games section, reminiscent of even the most real newspapers.

So have no fear, pillbox is here. Sit down, grab a snack, and dig in.