Jarry Leaks

As of Feb. 20, my most dearly beloved Tristan Jarry has finally made his way back onto the ice. He started in the net Monday against the Islanders, Thursday against the Oilers, and Saturday against the Blues. Unfortunately, his triumphant return did not start out so triumphant; despite making 28 saves against the Islanders on Monday, New York emerged triumphant with a final score of 4-2. In his defense, I’ll argue that the last shot was made at the very end of the game, after Jarry had been pulled from the net for an extra skater. Jarry similarly struggled on Tuesday, and was eventually replaced by Casey DeSmith in the third period after letting in six shots for the Oilers, leading to a harrowing 7-2 loss. In a genuinely shocking turn of events, the Penguins were finally able to pull out an overtime Peng-win against the Blues, 3-2. Jarry made 25 saves in that game. I’m hoping that Jarry continues to improve as he gets back into the swing of things, but as of right now there’s nothing we can do but wait and see. The Pens are currently in the running for the wildcard slot in the playoffs, but their position is not stable — if we want to make it into the postseason, Jarry needs to get back in the groove, and fast. Pittsburgh is also slated to go up against Nashville on Tuesday, Tampa (again) on Thursday, and the Florida Panthers on Saturday.