Staff Favorites: Date Spots

The Doherty basement

Crepes Parisiennes is THE valentines date go-to. With delicious sweet AND savory crepes, warm and welcoming service, and a beautiful outdoor seating area, Crepes Parisiennes has that special something. Even two of The Tartan’s own had their first date there!

Kiln-N-Time is a super fun paint-your-own pottery studio in Lawrenceville!!! They give you discounts for painting loveable but slightly misshapen pieces of pottery and they have date night hours from 6-9pm on Thursdays-Saturdays. The people there are so friendly and you get to see your date’s terrible to incredible art skills. 10/10 would recommend for the cute crafty time of your dreams.

lola's eatery! has some cute crème brulee donuts and sometimes has ube cinnamon rolls! the place is small but cozy vibes

The Carnegie Library! Go and pick out some books for each other. It's even better if neither of you have read the books you pick so you can trade after you're done with them.

Rescue and Relax cat lounge

The National Aviary (free with CMU ID), Cucina Vitale (for a fancier dinner), The Summit (chic bar at the top of the Duquesne Incline)

Dobra Tea always, never had an evening there that didn't involve an extremely profound conversation. Get the orange slices if you go.

4th-to-top floor of the cathedral of learning (can't go any higher without special access iirc)

Benedum Center

Allegheny riverside/Sister Bridges

Mount Washington (Grandview Ave, overlooks, Duquesne Incline)

Ice skating, even better if one of doesn't know how to so the other can hold your hand and help you out <3