Funny thing about boxes is
They’re hard to get out of
You can scrape and crawl and claw
But you’re still trapped
With no way out

The other thing about boxes though
Is that they can make you feel safe
Sure, you’re stuck or trapped
But it’s like a comforting blanket draped around you

And if someone does manage to get out of their box
It’s hard to be rid of it
It’s hard to move on to the next box
Cause part of you still misses the comfort
The familiarity
Of the box you’d been stuck in for so long

Everybody acts like their box isn’t a box
Like they know who they’d be outside of it
But if I’ve been in my box for so long
How am I supposed to be anything other than it

How am I supposed to just move on with the new box
Pretending like my old one doesn’t exist anymore
But it’s still a part of me
I can’t shake it

Escaping a box is impossible
It’ll always be there
Following you
Trying to pull you back inside
It feels like you’ll never get out
Like you’ll never be free

But at the end of the day
It’s just a box
And there’s always a way out