1/30/22 - Editors' Letter

Welcome back!
We've been hard at work developing a whole new look for pillbox (née PILLBOX), one we're certain you lovely readers will appreciate. Our new vision is one of a vibrant and living campus, exposed in our pages through text and images. You are the first light to view the pages we have printed here. As goes with our new mission statement, "We strive to curate the best of arts at Carnegie Mellon, including a wide range of diverse voices and highlighting what's new on campus and how it reflects us as a student body." If this is your first time reading pillbox, consider making it your first time writing for pillbox. We believe all students have something valuable to say, and we want to be the ones to make it available to our readers (who now include you!). Once upon a time, Zach and I (Anna) were just regular old folks, and then we became junior staff writers, and then we became friends, and now we're co-editors. This heartwarming story could be yours, for the small price of 700 words. Reach out to acappell@andrew.cmu.edu or zgelman@andrew.cmu.edu if you're interested.