9/12/22 - Editor's Letter

Hey Pillboxians, welcome back!
We’ve got our first PILLBOX of the year — or maybe the eleventh, depending on how you count it. To start this new school year we’ve decided to innovate more in PILLBOX. We’ve got two new ongoing series for you to read! “The Muppet Corner” is our section for all things Muppets, and is currently working through the original Muppet Show Album. We’ve also got “Letter for Maggie,” an epistolary serial written by Anna Cappella, that we will be publishing weekly. Catch it now before you have to pay $22.50 to buy it from Random House. Cole Skuse drops a glowing recommendation of the Two Door Cinema Club. Most cinemas I go to have at least four doors, to account for safety regulation. Haha. We get a soon to be classic poem from Rose Condrey, very deep. We are gifted with an extreme rarity, two negative reviews of albums written by Anna, usually the music enjoyer. If you want to know what could have caused this shift in positivity, you’ll have to read on. As always, we get a riveting review of a classic Tarantino by Haley Williams (no, the other one.) And a Nordic edda-style retelling of the tumultuous release of “Don’t Worry Darling” comes from Holly Wang.

Welcome to the clown show,
Your PILLBOX editors