first poem from Jen

how we’ll end
By Jennifer Bortner

when I look at you, I often wonder
how we’ll end

will we explode in a crash of brilliant ambers
a supernova
or will we sit silent in each other’s arms
grains of sand in an hourglass

I remember the days before
the sound of your cracked knuckles
echoed in my ears. when I guarded
silence in an empty marble palace spending
my days unnoticed in silk chiffon dresses.

now you make me greedy, a pirate
ravaging a golden island. I want
to lock away your cheeky smile in a
treasure chest and hold your
delicious perfume of sweet sweat
in a bottle to spray on my pillow
— I’ll always sleep easy

you have me addicted to your feeling
the tingles in the pit of my stomach.
the withdrawal might break me
leave me sleepless and damaged
but I continue loving,
handing you my heart on a silver platter

for today I’m content to
lock your warm gaze with mine,
and wonder how we’ll end