5/2/22 - Editor's Letter

Hello beloved readers of PILLBOX,

Our final issue of PILLBOX has finally arrived. We hope that all of you that were with us throughout our journey liked what you read, and will come back for more in September. Our theme of the week is "Nature vs. Nurture," and we hope that you've all been nurturing yourselves and your souls. You can build yourself into a better person through self-reflection and guided meditation. We believe in you! We also hope that we've nurtured a well and proper paper, full of validating content for everyone to enjoy. This final issue has a few more poems than normal, but they have all been personally vetted, and we can confirm their high quality. The same is true for the rest of the articles here; we've got an interview, a movie review, a board game review, some satire, and some cultural criticism. You'll love them all! Read a few more articles, then you can finally leave. Don't forget to close the door on your way out.

Your editors in the shadows,
Pria Dahiya & Zachary Gelman