Look at How They Ate That

From A Birds Eye View

Absolutely an "album of the year" contender. Don’t @ me. If y’all already knew about Cordae you knew what was in store: a fucking piece of art. And if you haven’t heard of him, go listen to "The Lost Boy," his first solo album, and come back to me. The production is stupid, the lyricism is nasty, the storytelling is incredible. Cordae’s superpower is immersion. Every component of his music is crafted so well and fits together perfectly so that we are swimming in the ocean that is the stories he tells. "Shiloh’s Intro" sets the tone for the album and is probably one of the most important tracks on this record. We hear a freestyle from Cordae’s childhood friend Shiloh Young, who is currently incarcerated, detailing his life up until this point. This is followed by "Jean-Michel" whose production and flow remind me of something off "To Pimp a Butterfly." Something I admire about certain artists is how you are able to hear the influence behind the music they create, yet it is still new and fresh and all their own. Cordae has always been this type of artist. And Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica??? Yeah, that shit is hard.

Favorite Lyric: I was put in this position just to open gates
Favorite Track: Shiloh’s Intro, Jean-Michael, Super, Mommas Hood, Want From Me, Sinister, Champagne Glasses

Slut Pop
Kim Petras

Lmaoooo. This shit is funny, y’all! Is this like some sort of dance pop subgenre? I feel like it is. I don’t know. The whole thing is only about 16 minutes and it really does earn the title of Slut Pop. The transitions between songs are dope asf and are all seamless. It’s like I’m listening to part of a set at Jellyfish or something. The production is actually pretty decent and it’s just unapologetically slutty, which is something I admire about her and this project: it’s extremely honest. I had fun listening to it and if I was drunk I would have had even more fun. It’s a great party record and will make you feel pretty and empowered. What I like about it too is that I think most people actually would enjoy this, even if they don’t think they would. This was my introduction to Kim Petras and shit, lemme listen to her other shit. I’m intrigued.

Favorite Lyric: What’s my name? I’m the Throat Goat
Favorite Track: Slut Pop, Treat Me Like a Slut, Throat Goat

Stoner’s Night
Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Definitely didn’t expect a collab album from these two, but I’m not complaining. This shit lowkey hard af. It sounds exactly how you’d expect. It’s infectious and the type of shit I’d blast in the car at 2 a.m. on the highway. If I was in a movie and my character was walking into a casino, I would prolly pick a song off here to play in the background while I make my entrance in slow motion wit a nasty fit. The whole project is reminiscent of early 2000s, 2010s rap at its finest. Y’all remember in "Ratatouille" when Remy ate the strawberry and cheese together and was like this shit bangs? That’s these two together. It just makes sense. This collab also happened at a perfect time considering the careers both artists have had, the influence they’ve had on the industry, and where they’re at right now. A bunch of these tracks are going straight to the party playlist. Just a really solid record all around. This shit is dope, so get your squad together, roll up, and put this shit on.

Favorite Lyric: Now she bout to blow me like a hot bowl of soup
Favorite Tracks: All of them

Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe
Jazmine Sullivan

…………. where do I even begin. Jazmine, Jazmine, Jazmine. One of my favorite artists of all time, finally, truly receiving the flowers and accolades she has always deserved. She has always been a powerhouse in the music industry. You may recognize her from the classic "Bust Your Windows," the first song off her debut album. What’s interesting about this record is that almost every song is written from the perspective of other women, and one man, discussing their love lives, sexuality, and relationships. Each tale is followed by its respective song. The STORYTELLING YALL…. is and always has been impeccable. And what makes it impeccable is her choice to embrace the good and bad, the balance between morality and free will, and to really talk about the shit we truly feel as humans even if we think we shouldn’t be feeling those things. But when it comes to those feelings, we really don’t have that choice to decide. Emotions and feelings come as they are whether you like it or not. We are, however, left with the responsibility to dissect those feelings, figure them out, discover where they come from, break generational curses. Her music makes me feel loved. Not by others, but by myself. And that voice??? That VOICE????????? I ain’t even bout to get into that cause that’s gonna take a whole ass other review lmao.

Favorite Lyric: Who was lying when they told you you was all that
Favorite Track: I like all of them